The ExcEED platform changes its name to enbuibench, which stands for the “energy and comfort building performance characterization and benchmarking platform”. You can register for FREE to the platform HERE.

enbuibench supports users in the building performance characterisation and benchmarking. It helps:

  • to evaluate the energy performance buildings, considering both energy efficiency and indoor comfort level, by using well-defined 27 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs);
  • to benchmark a building in the EU or non-EU building stock in relation to one of the 27 KPIs;
  • to easily evaluate potential further energy and cost savings and better understand gap between planned and actual buildings behaviour;
  • to perform a Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE) by using the available dedicated survey and therefore to evaluate the indoor comfort perceived by occupants.

enbuibench offers a novel collaborative approach, that enables to keep user  building data TOTALLY anonymous, safe and trustable. User’s data is only available to him/herself, while the geo-cluster tool (which displays data on the aggregate level) enables data comparison with other buildings in the platform. It’s important to highlight that the building data, used by the geo-cluster tool, only uses anonymised and aggregated data. Also, the visualisation of buildings in the geo-cluster tool does not allow the user to visualize the precise address of buildings on the map but only a large area in which they are located.

Register for FREE to the platform here and take all the benefits coming from the advanced tools!

To reduce the time needed to upload your building data and answer your questions, write to and you will be contacted and followed up by our team.

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