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The ExcEED database for buildings of the future features Casa Hoval

ExcEED turns imagination into reality starting with Casa Hoval.

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ExcEED Demo case: Casa Hoval

The tools developed by the project were tested and validated using a demonstration case, the Hoval Italia head quarter nZEB building.

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Indoor Environmental Quality Survey: ExcEED contribution to healthier buildings

Presenting the new ExcEED tool that collects primary information coming from the “most valuable sensor in a building”, its occupants.

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New EU data protection reform strengthens citizens’ rights. Insights from the ExcEED project.

ExcEED briefing exploring the new EU regulations on data privacy - meant to empower and protect citizens.

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ExcEED’s mission to overcome data gaps

Factsheet on the realities behind the collection of data on the energy performance of buildings.

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An introduction into ExcEED

Find out more about our field of research, the tools to be developed and the team behind it all. Available in several languages.

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ExcEED – From data to information to knowledge

The ExcEED project takes the pulse of the actual energy consumed by last generation of buildings.

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