Indoor Environmental Quality Survey: ExcEED contribution to healthier buildings

Oct. 3, 2018


A good Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) encompassing air quality, thermal comfort, lighting and acoustics, is a cornerstone to ensure health, comfort, wellbeing and productivity of the building occupants, who spend around 90% of their time indoor. Building occupants can thus provide important feedback on how buildings perform. The way they perceive the indoor environmental conditions can affect their comfort, health, productivity.

The latest ExcEED factsheet presents the new Indoor Environmental Quality survey tool, combining Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE) surveys results with data collected onsite from the Building Management System (BMS). The tool added value lies in mixing research, onsite measurements and perceived IEQ. This information will benefit a range of stakeholders, while designing the buildings of the future or drafting upcoming policies, and can also help building managers improve the IEQ for the occupants by focusing on what was graded “badly”.

Download the briefing here.

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