Workshop on support actions for European industrial technologies (NMBP / RFCS)

The event will take place on April 4, 10:00-16:00 in Brussels

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World Sustainable Energy Days (WSED) 2019

Find the ExcEED brochure at the poster's area.

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Klimahouse 2020

Find ExcEED brochures at the exhibition.

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Heat roadmap Germany: Aligning district energy and building energy renovation – A vision on strategic integrations

Find the ExcEED brochure at the Heat Roadmap Europe workshop.

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ENERFUND final conference

Meet the ExcEED partner EURAC as one of the presenters.

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FireShot Capture 40 - Sustainable Places 2018 (SP2018) Detai_ - http___www.sustainableplaces.eu_sp

Sustainable Places 2018

Meet the ExcEED partner EURAC as one of the presenters.

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FireShot Capture 8 - Main Topic - REbuild Italia - http___www.rebuilditalia.it_en_tema-edizione_

REbuild 2018- Decarbonizzare l’ edilizia

Meet the ExcEED partner EURAC, presenting material about the project.

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FireShot Screen Capture #312 - '' - www_mcexpocomfort_it_RXIT_RXIT_Mcexpocomfort_documents_doc 2018_Brochure_web_pdf_v=636234441174824735

Mostra Convegno Expocomfort (MCE) 2018

Meet the ExcEED partner Hoval as one of the exhibitors of the 2018 edition.

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Energy Learning Community Workshop (ELC 2018)

Meet the ExcEED partner Wattics, organiser of the workshop.

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