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Jan. 24, 2017

Energy is the new new internet

The enernet = a dynamic, distributed, redundant and multi-participant energy network built around clean energy generation, storage and delivery and serving as the foundation for smart cities.

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Jan. 11, 2017

European Construction Sector Observatory

ECSO aims to inform European policymakers and stakeholders on the market conditions and policy developments in the construction sector in the 28 EU countries.

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Dec. 1, 2016

DEEP, disclosing market data to increase transparency and drive more energy efficiency investments

Open-source evidence-base containing over 7800 industrial and buildings-related energy efficiency projects from 25 data providers.

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Dec. 1, 2016

Live today! The EU Building Stock Observatory

A comprehensive database of the building stock characteristics in EU28, monitoring the implementation of relevant EU Directives in Member States by presenting 250 indicators.

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Dec. 1, 2016

Highlights from the new Clean Energy Package – on buildings

The EC released important pieces of the European energy legislation, gathered in the previously-called Winter Package, placing consumers at the heart of the EU’s energy strategy.

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Nov. 18, 2016

Press release: Understanding EU buildings energy performance key to better policies and delivery

The EC recognises the need for high-quality building stock data as a key precondition to reach its 2050 decarbonisation goals.

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