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New release

Jan. 8, 2019

The ExcEED database for buildings of the future features Casa Hoval

The first short story launched by the EU-funded project tells more on its demo case Casa Hoval

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New release

Dec. 4, 2018

ExcEED publishes a new infographic on its demo case Casa Hoval

The demo case was used to test and validate tools and database

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External newsNew release

Oct. 12, 2018

The inner value of a building

New report by BPIE linking indoor environmental quality and energy performance in building regulation

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Data CollectionNew release

Aug. 10, 2017

ExcEED briefing on data collection

This is the first issue in a series of briefings that ExcEED will publish on a range of diverse topics related to data collection on the energy performance of buildings.

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Speaker at Business Conference and Presentation.

New release

Aug. 8, 2017

ExcEED partners to meet in September

ExcEED partners, joined by AB members, will meet on the 11 & 12 of September in Brussels.

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New release

Apr. 21, 2017

ExcEED video – A brief look into our work

A video presentation of our work. Tools for building managers, designers, citizens, industry & policy makers.

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New release

Feb. 7, 2017

ExcEED welcomes its Advisory Board

ExcEED welcomes advisory board members who will contribute with key information relating to their areas of expertise.

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New release

Nov. 18, 2016

Press release: Understanding EU buildings energy performance key to better policies and delivery

The EC recognises the need for high-quality building stock data as a key precondition to reach its 2050 decarbonisation goals.

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