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Dec. 6, 2017

IEA Energy Efficiency Indicators Highlights 2017

An IEA report designed to help understand what drives final energy use.

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Oct. 31, 2017

Peta4, the Pan-European Thermal Atlas

Peta4 assesses heating and cooling demand, efficiency, and supply across Europe, supporting cities and industry in their efforts to decarbonise the heating and cooling sector.

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Oct. 30, 2017

ENERINTOOL: a tool connecting sustainable projects and funding sources

ENERINTOOL enables you to find financing scheme for sustainable energy projects, or the most appropriate project to invest.

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FireShot Capture 631 - - http___bpie.eu_wp-content_uploads_2017_09_Policy-paper-PEF_edits_28Aug.pdf

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Sep. 11, 2017

Is the Primary Energy Factor the right indicator for determining the energy performance of buildings?

BPIE proposes using delivered energy as one of the main building performance indicator to determine and set requirements for its energy performance.

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FireShot Capture 578 - IEnergy efficient building dat_ - http___www.effibuilding.eu_

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Jul. 11, 2017

EffiBUILDING, a database for innovative, novel and energy efficient products/prototypes

Up-to-date market information about energy efficient products/prototypes to be integrated in buildings.

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Jun. 26, 2017

Introducing Level(s): a common language for sustainable buildings

Level(s) is a voluntary reporting framework that has a broad potential for use by building sector professionals across the EU.

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May. 3, 2017

ICP Building Button assessing energy efficiency retrofit projects

ICP's Building Button initiative aims to bring standardized and actuarial "big data" to the energy efficiency industry.

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©CommONEnergy 2017, Mercado del Val Valladolid

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Apr. 6, 2017

Data and tools related to shopping centres

The main idea of CommONEnergy is to shift from single-action refurbishments to deep – energy performing - retrofitting. For this purpose tools and trainings have been developed.

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Mar. 30, 2017

A building materials Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) database

Ecohestia is a building materials Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) database developed by the Sustainable Energy Research Group.

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SEAI data portal

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Feb. 23, 2017

SEAI launches interactive data tool on Ireland’s energy trends

An energy data portal of particular interest to researchers, students and policy makers.

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