Geo-clustering Tool

Geo-clustering Tool

Among the different definitions of geo-cluster, the one that best fits this project is that geo-clusters are basically virtual trans-national areas where strong similarities are found in terms of:

  • Climate;
  • Culture and behaviour;
  • Construction typologies;
  • Economy.

This tool features a dynamic clustering process based on a KPI selected by the user. Selecting and clustering only a subset of KPIs increases the usefulness of information that can be obtained through the tool.

The result is a web-based tool able to easily select, cluster and display geo-clustered information highlighting common spatial patterns and regions per groups of KPIs. This data can effectively support policy makers and legislative bodies to compare technical/legislative framework in similar contexts and to identify ad-hoc solutions for regions with similar conditions. It is an updated source of information for the implementation of policies and investments.

Download the ExcEED brochure explaining more on the database.

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