Upcoming events by the Spanish Sustainable Energy Financing Platform

Feb. 12, 2018

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ENERINVEST aims to become the Spanish National Platform for financing Sustainable Energy Projects. A reference platform for consulting, meeting and dialogue among the main stakeholders in sectors involved. Technical, legal and financial solutions are offered to energy efficiency projects and renewable energies, promoted by both the public and private sectors.

The project is preparing two interesting events this March.

Financing Energy Efficiency in Spain through European Initiatives and Programmes, March 7, Madrid, Spain

The main objective of the event is to present the current situation and evolution of initiatives and financing programs aimed at making energy efficiency improvements, which seek to leverage private financing. Further, the second part of the event will focus on new initiatives funded under European Comission programmes, whose main objective is to promote energy efficiency (especially in buildings) by implementing new financing alternatives or methods to increase the trust of clients and financial institutions. Draft agenda

Third Collective Event of the ENERINVEST project – Opportunities for Sustainable Energy Projects financing, March 9, Madrid, Spain

In order to exchange information, experiences of success and points of view on the different present and future alternatives when it comes to promoting and sustainable energy projects financing, the ENERINVEST project organizes a second Collective Event for all stakeholders related to the design, development and implementation of Sustainable Energy Projects, either public or private. Draft agenda

More information on the registration and the follow-up to these events will be available on the ENERINVEST website.

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