ICP Building Button assessing energy efficiency retrofit projects

ICP’s Building Button initiative aims to bring standardized and actuarial “big data” to the energy efficiency industry.

The Investor Confidence Project, working with LBNL, has created such a specification for a standard XML dataset based on the DOE Building Energy Data Exchange Specification (BEDES) for the full-lifecycle of an energy efficiency retrofit project, also know as the ICP Building Button.

Higher quality data in the energy efficiency industry is critical to its evolution. However, data necessary for actuarial underwriting and to conduct technical due diligence for investment in energy efficiency projects is locked away in PDFs, spreadsheets, and proprietary tools.

​Institutional investors, rating agencies, and markets for secondary transactions also  demand volumes of normalized data to become confident that the industry can deliver results prior to inflows of large scale capital.

The ICP Building Button will allow for a diverse and efficient marketplace where data can easily be exchanged from project developers to a wide range of investors, and a standard data specification can lead to reliable actuarial data on energy efficiency performance.

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