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Jul. 4, 2019

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The 2019 edition is a good vintage, both in terms of quality and quantity. On the international platform, there are up 50 participants, compared to 11 in 2018. In addition to the more than 140 candidates from countries equipped with a Construction21 platform!

With all continents represented, the Green Solutions Awards provide a broad overview of global know-how. No less than 37 different countries will be confronted in this competition. Some of them, such as Australia, Congo, Gambia, Haiti, India, Malaysia, Russia, the Philippines or Sri Lanka, are participating for the first time.

The jurors and Internet users will have a lot to do to decide between them!

The Green Solutions Awards are an effective way to showcase your work and your projects – both at a national and international level – but the visibility offered by the contest goes far beyond. It is first of all to the benefit of the teams that have designed, developed and delivered the buildings, districts and infrastructures in competition.

Marc Campesi, 2018 international winner of the Renovation Grand Prize with his project “KTR France headquarters” attests to this: “In addition to the recognition provided by the prize, my participation in the Awards has provided my customers and partners with the trust they can have in me. It is extremely rewarding.

The candidates first focused on the Energy & Hot Climates (22 buildings) and Health & Comfort (18) categories, then on Low Carbon (15) and on Energy & Temperate Climates (13).
In addition to these thematic awards, the juries of experts will select one Construction Grand Prize and one Renovation Grand Prize. Two other Grand Prizes will be awarded for Sustainable Districts and Sustainable Infrastructures.

The winners of the international platform will qualify for the international phase which will bring together the winners from all countries with a Construction21 platform.

The Construction21 team will soon publish the 2019 trends.
Read the 2018 trends 

Online votes are now open: All professionals can, in parallel with the juries of experts, designate their favourite buildings, districts and infrastructures by voting for them before the 3rd of September at midnight.

The only prerequisite to vote: to have a Construction21 account (free and quick registration!). Voters can also share their selection on social media and support their favourites by campaigning for them. Of course, the candidates are welcome to mobilise their networks and to campaign for their projects.

Discover the candidates and vote!


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