Data from the ExcEED platform: intelligence for better buildings – ExcEED’s new short story

Having comparable performance data coming from buildings that could be converted into information and useful knowledge would largely benefit key stakeholders of the building sector (building managers, designers and policy makers). The generated knowledge would improve existing and next generation buildings, thanks to the improved control, design and energy performance regulations generated.

The H2020 project ExcEED and its collaborative platform turn this into reality: as users add their buildings’ monitoring data, the intelligence embedded in the platform turns raw data into key performance indicators and geoclustered benchmarks, showing where to focus to improve the efficiency of buildings.

The key element of the platform is the user, through the data he or she provides to the platform, resulting in a more comprehensive analysis and benchmarking. What kind of data is needed in ExcEED?  What are they needed for and how are they processed? These and more questions are answered by the new short story published by ExcEED and available in EnglishFrenchGerman and Italian

Moving from traditional offline analysis against outdated datasets to online analysis against continuously updated datasets spanning over buildings from many EU member states, the ExcEED platform paves the way for next-generation building energy performance analysis.

The ExcEED knowledge base was designed around innovative ways to allow users to continuously profile their building estate with information ranging from energy measurements, energy efficient renovations to business metrics and other construction conditions. In such a context, the Knowledge Base of the ExcEED platform plays a central role in enabling the operation of advanced analysis processes that are key to the success of the EU member states in complying with energy conservation targets set from 2020 onwards.

Now it’s up to you to make the most of the ExcEED tool by uploading your data to the platform and start using the benchmarking and clustering tools available. Ready to take the challenge? Register to the platform and upload your buildings data for free.

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