The ExcEED platform experience: a peek into the user’s perspective

Sep. 27, 2019

Short story

The H2020 ExcEED project launched its collaborative platform that gathers, categorises, visualises and benchmarks multiple building data. As users add their buildings’ monitoring data, the platform transforms this data into knowledge using energy performance indicators and air quality surveys. This, in turn, benefits building users as well as other stakeholders from the building sector and civil society by improving the efficiency of buildings.

What is the overall user experience with the ExcEED platform? Which benefits can the user get? Why can the ExcEED platform be the innovative benchmarking platform that could really make the difference when it comes to boosting the energy performance of the EU building stock? We asked all these questions to the very first user of the platform, Hoval, heating and air conditioning solutions producer and ExcEED partner. Their headquarters building, Casa Hoval, is the demonstration case of the project, used to test the platform and its tools. In this interview, Mihai Bodea, Product Engineer for Digital Services and Platforms at Hoval, stresses the usefulness of the platform’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and benchmarking tools, that allow not only to convert the information from the company’s own products into knowledge but also to both analyse and optimise new and existing buildings.

What is your overall experience with the ExcEED platform?

My overall experience with ExcEED has been extremely positive, having explored a variety of building data from which Hoval has learned. From learning the KPIs of Casa Hoval, our office building in Italy, to benchmarking against others, me and my Engineering team have gained a great deal of insight.

Why choose ExcEED? What makes it different from other platforms?

Choosing ExcEED meant uploading data to a comprehensive platform that gives the opportunity to see unexpected results. We chose ExcEED because of the excellent support for connecting our plant using live data and the innovative tools of the platform. Other platforms are not ready for the amount of data we wanted to send, especially considering the possibility of uploading both using REST API and other methods such as CSV parsers.

How did Hoval and its employees benefit from the ExcEED platform?

Our Engineering department benefitted from the overview the platform offers and the methodology of organising our building performance. Starting with the KPIs and benchmarking tools for our own offices, we are now more confident to promote our products and suggest data monitoring for our clients’ plant.

Would you recommend the ExcEED platform? To whom?

We recommend the platform to building managers, ESCOs and energy consultants, as well as energy providers and distributors that look to optimise and benchmark their office building. As an HVAC manufacturer and seller, we also want our various clients to benchmark their buildings and see the benefits they get against their various options.

Any last words?

The HVAC industry is digitalising at a fast pace and we encourage our clients in Italy to do the same. Converting the information we get from our products into knowledge through KPIs and benchmarking means we are more than analysing, but also optimising both new and existing buildings.

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