The ExcEED platform and its tools

Jun. 4, 2019


With the target established by the European Commission (EC) of a full decarbonisation by 2050, the EU recognises the need to steer to a high-quality building stock. However, it is often the case that buildings do not perform as originally planned, because of their design and/or their use. The ExcEED platform orchestrates seamless integration of heterogeneous data related to building energy performances, and enables to raise awareness on how different kind of buildings perform in practice transforming data into information and knowledge, for enhancing energy efficient while ensuring healthy and comfortable indoor environments.

ExcEED is an innovative platform that can help you in:

  • visualizing energy and comfort data of your building;
  • understanding energy performance trends with several levels of resolutions;
  • comparing building performance using well-defined 27 Key Performance Indicators;
  • benchmarking your building with other buildings uploaded in the platform having similar functionalities or with other building of your own portfolio;
  • clustering buildings according to the selected KPIs using unsupervised machine learning algorithm and showing the resulting clusters in a map;
  • analyzing building occupant’s perception on the indoor environment through a dedicated survey.

The platform takes into account the security and privacy of the user’s data. In fact, the benchmarking and clustering only use anonymized and aggregated building data. The visualization of buildings in the map doesn’t allow the user to visualise the precise address of all buildings but only a large area in which they are located. These aspects together with all the points defined by the GDPR have been considered during the development of the platform.

The platform is freely available to those uploading buildings data. Access to the platform is available upon filling of the following form.

Download the platform brochure here.

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