Sustainable Places 2018

Jun. 21, 2018

Sustainable Places (SP) annual international conference gathers stakeholders from leading organizations around the world to advance the state of art and play in one of the greatest challenges that our societies and their urban planners have ever faced: the need to enhance the sustainability of places ensuring long-term environmental security. Specifically, the event is focused on the commercial, technological and scientific intersections between Energy-efficient Buildings (EeB) and the collaborating smart grids, policies, construction actors, and forward-thinking communities. Participants of SP learn about innovative initiatives, access up-to-date information, discuss market trends and envision possible synergies. SP fosters lasting market impacts, and has become a reference European platform where theory meets practice, unlocking new linkages between data formulation and the underpinning theories, cases, observations, and validated hypotheses arising from the analysis of that data. Knowledge transfer and research valorization are the main intentions of SP, and SP2018 is the sixth iteration of the series.

The ExcEED partner EURAC will present in the workshop “Performance Gap: Reducing the performance gap between predicted and actual energy performances at the level of buildings and blocks of buildings”, a review of complementary EeB projects addressing the performance gap between predicted and actual energy use. This workshop examines the innovations here in relation to energy management in the context of block of buildings, relevant business models, the role of the citizen and data management. The session will be held on June 27 from 11:30 to 15:30.

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