REbuild 2018- Decarbonizzare l’ edilizia

Apr. 28, 2018

Since its first edition, REbuild has represented a platform for analysis, learning, networking and doing business in the construction industry. 

REbuild 2018 looks at innovation capable of keeping together environmental sustainability and business growth, circular economy and rediscovered profitability. The aim is to outline models and solutions for a convergence between a renewed growth in the construction sector and the pursuit of ambitious environmental and social objectives.

This edition focussed on the new phase of growth in the construction and real estate sector, possible thanks to the search for technological solutions able to increase the efficiency of production processes and to allow unprecedented business models. The key step is represented by the shifting of production processes into the factory, combining cost control and the variety of goods produced:the off-site construction allows important revitalization prospects. Rebuild presented the change taking place, selecting the most significant national and international experiences and proposing the most interesting business models.

The ExcEED partner EURAC was present with material about the project.

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