ENERFUND final conference

Jan. 9, 2019

The ENERFUND (www.enerfund.eu) final conference ‘New technologies and open data, levers to achieve climate and energy goals’ will focus on how new technologies and open data can enhance ambition and implementation of climate and energy policies. This event will take place on the 21st of January, from 2pm to 5pm, at the House of the European Institution of Innovation and Technology in Brussels.

During the workshop, innovations and best practices will be discussed. A particular focus will be given to how open data can be used to foster investments in deep renovation of buildings, with a specific demonstration of the ENERFUND web platform. ENERFUND uses data from energy performance certificates to map buildings’ energy efficiency across 12 European countries, thus enabling easier identification of deep retrofit opportunities. This tool can also support local authorities in the design of their climate and energy plan. Other innovations from European projects will also be discussed along with their associated impacts.

The event will then delve into energy efficiency and climate financing trends, new models and issues as seen by leading financial institutions in Europe, and feature presentations from relevant policy makers. A final discussion with participants and panellists will finally be held to debate on the role of open data and new technologies in the completion of climate change and energy related goals, and on how to promote this role at the European level.

The ExcEED partner EURAC will present about the EU-funded project and its upcoming database.

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